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Dress Code/Uniform Policy

MANDATORY Dress Code/School Uniform Policy

School is a place to learn and a place of business. You should come to school dressed appropriately.


The M.S. 53 School Dress Code Policy is as follows:

The MS53 uniform consists of grade-specific colored polo shirt and full-length khaki-colored pants.

Grade 6 – Navy blue polo shirt with khaki pants or skirt

Grade 7 – White polo shirt with khaki pants or skirt

Grade 8 – Orange shirt with khaki pants or skirt.

  • Students are required to dress in the school uniform EVERYDAY. We recommend that every student has at least four (4) uniforms.
  • Students must arrive and leave in full uniform every day. Students are not to wear another “outfit” under their school uniform.
  • All students must wear their pants at the waist, with a belt.
  • Girls can wear skirts with a knee-length hem.
  • In cold weather, students may wear a white or navy blue sweater over their uniforms. Students may also wear a long-sleeved uniform shirt, or a long-sleeved white or blue shirt under their uniform.


  • Sneakers, shoes, or boots. All laces must be tied and footwear must be secure on feet.
  • For safety purposes – Students may not wear high heeled shoes, sandals, flip flops or other opened toe or sling back shoes, including mules.

Jewelry and Accessories:

  • For safety purposes and to avoid theft – students should not wear any expensive or flashy jewelry or designer bags to school.
  • Belts with name plates, initial plates, logos, large or over-sized buckles are not permitted in the school building. They will be confiscated.
  • No headgear whatsoever is to be worn at any time in the school building; this includes but is not limited to scarves, hats, bandanas, du-rags, bonnets, large headbands, etc.


 All-White or All-Black sweaters, sweatshirts or vests (no logos) may be worn over an all-white top.  M.S. 137 sweatshirts are permitted.


Warm Weather Policy Amendments

In the spring, starting May 1, 2020 students are permitted to wear khaki  shorts (not biker shorts) instead of pants. The shorts must be knee-length or longer. No ripped shorts are allowed. This policy will be in effect only at the end of the school year. If the knee-length rule is not followed, parents will be called to bring in proper clothing. The rules for white shirts remain all year long.  All white means no company logo larger than two inches. For example, the Nike “swoosh” is acceptable; a company name written across the shirt or outerwear is not acceptable. A design on the back of the shirt is not acceptable. 

  • Headgear of any sort is not permitted in the building.
  • Any revealing clothing, including tank tops, miniskirts above the knee, and midriff shirts, are not permitted in school. In addition, sandals and opened-toed shoes are dangerous and will not be allowed.

No bead, chains, bandanas, or gang colors are to be worn by any student.