Community Mediation Services

MS 53 has partnered with Community Mediation Services, a community based organization.

Our youth development services are based upon the core belief that positive development begins with both respect for others and empowerment of self. Each program empowers youth to reflect on themselves and their circumstances and to identify goals and strategies that will enable them to succeed. Our Youth Development services include numerous school based programs that allow those involved to acquire educational gains not obtained in classroom settings.   Working within the community and various NYC public schools, we provide support for students of all ages.

With an eye toward the future our academic programs fully integrate the concept of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) activities.  arts enrichment services have included the following activities: music, art, photography, dance, theatre, fashion design, martial arts etc. This focus provides students with learning opportunities that may not be accessible in their regular school curriculum.   Our academic activities help to improve students grades by supplementing what they are learning during the day as well as exposing them to new concepts.

In addition to educational and arts activities, our catalog of programs include counseling, peer mediation, attendance improvement and dropout prevention, peer mentoring, restorative practices and youth leadership initiatives.