The role of the art program at MS 53 is to inspire students to explore the different ways that they can express themselves visually. The lessons are developmentally appropriate art experiences that challenge students to think about the world around them. The philosophy of the art program emphasizes our students as potential artists who view the world from their own unique perspective and experiences. These experiences are communicated through explorations with different materials such as drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and sculpture. Not only do the students begin to express themselves creatively, but they begin to learn the language of art, such as line, shape, color and form.
All art lessons are aligned with the curriculum and standards set forth by the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts and the National Visual Art Standards. The lessons work to support the standards of other disciplines such as math, literacy, science, social studies and technology. Students are expected to develop their abilities to communicate visually, orally and in written form within the Art Room/Studio. We use student artwork, art reproductions, children’s art books, picture books and technology to assist us in furthering these goals.
The artistic development of each child is a blueprint for how we approach these goals. Children learn best when their learning matters to them – when it’s connected to their lives and experiences – and filled with wonder, joy and fun!

Computer Technology

Using Apple laptop computers, students in grades 2-5 are introduced to computer languages, word processing, databases, typing and advanced computer technology. Computers are also available in every classroom as well as in our new Library Media Center.
Students in grades 6-8 also utilize Apple laptop computers throughout the curriculum in social studies, English, math and science.
We also have a Virtual Enterprise lab with 3-D printing capabilities.  Students also collaborate on our yearbook in their technology classes.

Foreign Language

Grades6-8 students pursue a more rigorous and formal study of Spanish language and culture, incorporating expanded opportunities for students to utilize their Spanish language skills. The MS 53 curriculum will also include preparation for the New York State Proficiency exam for those students who are interested.