Overview of Curriculum

The core curriculum of Brian Piccolo Middle School 53 is shaped by the New York City and State Framework for grades 6-8. Within the structure of our classes, there is differentiation, enrichment and/or acceleration across all subject areas. A unique combination of teaching styles guides our diverse learners in the development of higher level thinking skills.

Our curriculum builds on fundamentals to promote a hands-on, discovery approach to learning. Children work both independently and in groups on projects that stimulate their powers of logic and imagination. Creative problem solving, divergent thinking, research, and self-evaluation are emphasized in each classroom, in tandem with more traditional skills. At the same time, our children are assisted in developing essential social skills; sensitivity to and respect for others, effective communication and self-esteem. Guiding them are highly qualified and talented educators whose awareness of the needs of diverse learners inspires teaching that is both dynamic and nurturing.

During the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, we re-codified our 6-8 Grading Policy.

Social-Emotional Learning

A key component of our curriculum is to address the growth and development needs of the WHOLE CHILD. We have embedded various components into our academic classes and school life that address social emotional learning.

Why us?

We believe all life long learners and students have one intuitive aim: self development. She desperately wants to develop her resources, her ability to cope with a strange, complex world. She wants to do and see and learn for herself through her senses and not through the eyes of an adult. She becomes a full person. She is educated.

We provide a safe, structured, nurturing and challenging environment for this to happen.

Our Academic Offerings