Remote Learning @ MS 53 Begins

Dear Parents and Students,

Tomorrow, Monday, March 23, is the first Remote Learning day. Students were given devices on loan. At this time, we hope we have addressed all the issues before we start tomorrow.

This remote learning is an opportunity for our students to continue their education as the world takes on the challenge to get this virus under control. Parents, please understand,  our students will have the opportunity to maintain a daily schedule where they will interact with their teachers as well as complete assignments independently.

Students are responsible for all assignments and classwork. They must sign in to their Google Classroom at the appropriate time every weekday. They will be following the day of the week schedule, as they did when we were in session; for example, tomorrow, we will follow their Monday’s Schedule. When it is Tuesday, we will follow Tuesday’s schedule.

The time of the periods will be modified, however.

Here are the times of the periods.

Attendance and grades will be taken and shown in Pupil Path. Students, follow all of your teachers’ directions, so you get the best possible grade for your work. You will get quizzes and tests as well, make sure you study for them.

I look forward to reviewing and viewing the wonderful worked as we all go through this process together. Remember to take your Brainpower breaks.  My expectations are straightforward: all assignments completed, and you all will keep up your grades.

Thank you
Ms. Wilkins

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